6 best benefits of pepper on health

The pepper belongs to the solanaceae family. It is native to Central America and is part of the pepper family.
Peppers and peppers are the fruits of the same plant, which is why pepper is also known as “sweet pepper”.
There are 3 large varieties of pepper: square, rectangular or triangular.
Initially all green, they change colour during their growth, to yellow, red, orange, purple or black.

1. Allied slimming
Composed of 90% water, pepper is very refreshing. With a calorie intake of 20Kcal / 100g, it is the perfect slimming ally for the summer. Strong or mild, studies have shown that capsaicin contained in peppers stimulate metabolism and prevent the development of immature fat cells. In other words, to fight against cellulite this summer, think of pepper!

2. The full of vitamin C
Excellent source of vitamin C, 125 ml of red or yellow pepper brings almost twice the recommended amount per day. Vitamin C is an essential element in our body: antioxidant, it protects the human body from infections, promotes healthy bones, teeth, gums and cartilage. Anticancer
antioxidant compounds such as carotenoids or pepper vitamin C inhibit the development or action of certain carcinogenic compounds. Thus, consuming pepper regularly would limit the risks of certain cancers such as breast cancer, colon cancer or brain tumours.

3. Fight against cardiovascular diseases
The antioxidants contained in pepper effectively neutralize free radicals in the body and thus reduce the accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries. A natural source of vitamin B6 and folic acid, a study has shown that peppers reduce the risk of stroke, coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease.

4. Good intestinal hygiene
Especially well-provided water, pepper stimulate intestinal transit effectively. It facilitates the elimination f good hygiene of the coon while triggering a feeling of satiety despite low-calorie intake.

5. Preserve the skin
The carotene contained in pepper, especially when it is red, promotes a nice tan. Rich in phenolic compounds, it actively fights free radicals responsible for ageing skin. To keep your skin smooth, do not forget to eat peppers!

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6. Promotes learning
Natural source of luteolin, the pepper promotes learning. Indeed, a study has shown that a diet rich in luteolin would reduce inflammation in the brain. Thus, pepper would also fight against age-related memory deficits.
Although it is a fruit, pepper is cooked like a vegetable.
Raw they digest less well and can cause some intestinal discomfort and irritate your fragile intestines. Prefer to eat cooked and skinless.
A thousand and one ways to taste peppers! Some greedy ideas:
• Raw, they give crunchy salads.
• Barbecued, colour of your skewers.
• Peppers stuffed th a preparation of rice, onions, tomatoes, chicken and some scented herbs.

By Bobvalla

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