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Treat anaemia with medicinal plants

Today, we are going to show you how to treat anaemia with medicinal plants.

Anaemia is characterized by a lack of blood in the body. here are some Ingredients to solve your problems of anaemia:

A bunch of parsley + 3cuilleres with honey soup + the juice of a whole lemon or ginger + 0.5L of mineral water.


Wash your parsley well then pass them in the mixer adding water (a reasonable amount), spilling in a glass and adding the other ingredients.

Let stand 1 Mn and drink 1verre / day

2) How to fill the anaemia even being on a hospital bed thanks to the cassava leaves:


– Take a few cassava leaves (2 wrists of leaves)

– Plunder the cassava leaves in a mortar (without adding water). You will get a paste

– Mix the dough with a little water and sift well.

– Take a large glass of condensed milk and add cassava leaf juice

– Drink the mixture
NB: Make mixing once a day, for 3 days no more no less.


#NB: Do not continue the 4th day. I repeat it well, 3 days not more not less.

We are not responsible for everything that will happen to you if you continue (Risk of excess blood in the body).

-Every day, make 1 new mixture + 1 can of milk for 3 days

– Every day a new mix not the old who slept.

End of “treat anaemia with medicinal plants”

By Bobvalla

Bobvalla Lesly is a Cameroonian.
He is a medical student and the founder of and Being a medical doctor for him is not a profession nor a job but the passion he has for the field.

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